Set-PWDocumentState enhancement

Would it be possible to add an 'Admin Override' option to the 'Set-PWDocumentState' command in PW PowerShell?. This option should only be useable by members of the Administrator group or by using a '-AdminOverride' option

When this function is used on an object managed under the Workflow Rules Engine (WRE) it returns a 58268 error ("Manual change state not allowed. Please use Workflow customization rules to change document state")

Access to this additional option is required for system Administrators to fix problems with WRE where on occasion the rule action times-out and the file is left in the wrong state. This can be caused by a number of things such as large/corrupt files or even a slow network connection.

I know this can be achieved by editing the database entries but I need a managed function that can be configured to achieve the result in a consistent and controlled manner.

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  • The fact is that the WRE does fail at times and also there is a requirement to move files through the workflow programmatically outside of Projectwise Client (the benefits of PowerShell).

    As long as this function is restricted to administrator users (and/or another controlled group) then this should not be an issue

  • That's fine in a sterile environment, but when a supplier is screaming because their submission is delayed and Early warnings and compensation events are set to be initiated against your organisation it is not always possible to wait for TSG to respond. Over rides used by responsible teams are sometimes necessary and having that functionality available would be preferred.

    I have outstanding calls open for weeks whilst investigations are ongoing into the cause, but in the meantime the thousand or so construction staff on our sites are not waiting for me to find out the result.

    The risk in these cases is sometimes acceptable to bypass, but should ultimately be made by each customer, as they see fit. But the customer also needs to understand that if they do use a bypass there could be consequences, hence the use by the customers Administrators or responsible persons.