Powershell Set-PWDocumentState does not perform RulesEngine

I am trying to make a new version with powershell and I want to do that with the rules engine. The problem is when I change the state with Set-PWDocumentState it doesn't use the Rules Engine.

What I use to change the state is: Get-PWDocumentsBySearch -FolderPath "Projects\***\****\***" -DocumentName "***" | Set-PWDocumentState -State 'Pending Approval' 
This works fine, it changes the state name but it doesn't use the rulesengine but that's what I need.

I've also tried this with the -LoadWRE and I have read the Set-PWDocumentState enhancement forum but I can't find a solution in there.

Is there someone that knows a solution?

The pwps_dab version i use is: