Issues with Import-PWDocuments

I'm running into issues with Import-PWDocuments. We've been using it for some time now to mirror a server location into ProjectWise to provide select external access to a large set of information. The dataset is roughly 200K files, 50K folders, and the sync usually takes 30-40 minutes each night to verify and sync the delta. The problem we're running into is that the sync thinks it needs to sync the same ~700 files (plus whatever legitimate file additions / modifications there may have been).

I have checked the length of the overall paths (<261), the length of the filenames (<128), and the length of each of the folders (<64). I thought maybe it was an issue with a special character, or some weird file modification date/time discrepancy, but didn't see anything that stood out. I can provide the logs from my last month of sync operations, but would rather not include them in the post.

Thanks for any assistance you are able to provide.

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  • ProjectWise 03.140, PWPS_DAB I'll send code snippets and logs.

    We aren't comparing dates, we are relying on import-pwdocuments -MakeProjectWiseMatchDisk to perform the comparison for mirroring the data. I'm just trying to think of potential causes of the file resync.

    Perhaps more alarming is that this same dataset has several files that are synced into ProjectWise, but the delete pass removes them, even though they legitimately still exist in the external location.