Filter 3D files + Edit-PWMicroStationDocuments

Hi All,

Currently I'm testing Edit-PWMicroStationDocuments cmdlet. I would like to process only 3D files from a particular folder.

The particular folder contains hundreds of 2D [drawing/sheets]  and 3D [Design] file.

Is there any way to check if the file is 2D or 3D and then processed with given key-ins in script. 

for example [Get-pwdocumentproperties] if {DesignFile = is3D} then proceed further.... something like that..

This could save lot of hours.

Any suggestion would be helpful.



  • Does the Project utilise a Naming Convention, for example DR for Drawing, M2 for 2d Model and M3 for 3D model. If so you could create a Saved search to find all files with M3 in the name.

    The other thing is to run an Mvba like the one shown here - Which include an if dimension = 3d statement, then run the command.



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  • Thanks for suggestion.

    Currently I'm in testing phase so the files does not have any naming convention but I hope in REAL project they must have some convention to identify the files. I'll also look into MVBA solution.



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