Set-PWDocumentState : Workflow rules not being executed


Looking for some help to understand why our Set-PWDocumentState commands do not trigger the WRE when we do state changes.

Our scripts boils down to :

  • New-PWLogin -DatasourceName "name" -LoadWRE -UserName "user"  -Password $Password                                                                
  • $doc = Get-PWDocumentsByGUIDs -DocumentGUIDs GUI                                                                             
  • Set-PWDocumentState -InputDocuments $doc -State "Next state in the workflow"  

We also see the same kind of issue with New-PWDocumentVersion, just like the Set-PWDocumentState, we notice that the workflow rules have not been executed after execution.

Looking on the forums, we also saw the suggestion to use Invoke-WSGWorkflowCommand but that command gives the following:

Error: Manual change state not allowed. Please use Workflow customization rules to change document state.

Anyone has any pointers on how to investigate why the workflow isnt being triggered ?

Thanks !

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  • Not that I have found.



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