Bentley IMS New-PWLogin - In Azure Runbooks

We are trying to move some automations from PowerShell ISE to Azure Automation using a hybrid worker to our on-prem Bentley utility server.

In PowerShell ISE both a logical account and IMS account work with New-PWLogin.

In Azure Runbooks a logical account will work with New-PWLogin but the IMS does not.

Here is the PowerShell and its result from Runbooks:


$cred = Get-AutomationPSCredential -Name 'Acct'

$pass = $cred.Password

$SourceDatasource = 'server:datasource'

$Splat_LoginSource = @{

DatasourceName = $SourceDatasource

UserName = 'Acct'

Password = $pass

UseGUI = $false

BentleyIMS = $true


New-PWLogin @Splat_LoginSource


Can't get BTSSvc.URL
Could not retrieve BTSSvc.URL
Error logging in to 'Server:Datasource' 58000.
Attempting to use token ''

Can anyone help us to understand what may be