How to login with Single Sign On for a Non-Admin user


As a Non-Admin user, I would like to login with SSO

The command "New-PWLogin -DatasourceName PWAccept -NonAdminLogin -Verbose"

Gives me the following result

VERBOSE: Logging in to 'PW-Accept.<localdomain>:PWaccept' using BentleyIMS ...
VERBOSE: Using Connection Client login...
WARNING: Can't get token
WARNING: Could not retrieve token
WARNING: Error logging in to 'PW-Accept.<localdomain>:PWaccept' 58000.
WARNING: Attempting to use token ''

When I use: "New-PWLogin -DatasourceName PWAccept -NonAdminLogin -UseGui" and check the checkbox 'use SSO', I am perfectly logged on.

So why can I only login through the -UseGui option? Maybe an explicit option like '-UseSSO' might be better?

Thanks in advance for the help.

PWPS_DAB Version is, This is a 64-bit process, PW server Version, PS version 5.1.19041.1320, PW Explorer 

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