Civil File Manager using Powershell

Can you run Civil File Manager thru Powershell for ProjectWise folders?

It works great for paths which are on the local computer, but not ProjectWise. ($FolderName)

(I can manually use CivilFileManager, but want to automate and simplify the process for my users)

I have this as an example, but it doesn't find the PW path?


|  Sign in to the ProjectWise Datasource.  |


# Prompt to select and to sign in to a Datasource.

$Result = New-PWLogin -BentleyIMS

# Create ProjectWise Document Paths array.

$DocumentPaths = @(

("CONNECT_Projects\Worksets\FDOT\FDOT-Training\FDOT CONNECT Training\300_CADD\22049555201_CE\Survey")


$FileName = "C:\pwworkingdir\\\dms17549\SURVRD01.dgn"

$FolderName = "C:\pwworkingdir\\\dms17549"

& "C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.10\OpenRoadsDesigner\CivilFileManager.exe" $DocumentPaths > "C:\Windows\Temp\CivilMNGR_Report.txt"

notepad "C:\Windows\Temp\CivilMNGR_Report.txt"


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!