WARNING: Error occurred while attempting to export 'Folder\File.dgn', 58015

Hello everyone, 

Would anyone be able to tell me what error '58015' means?  I am attempting to use the powershell  cmdlet 'CheckOut-PWDocuments' to export dgn files and this error occurs at seemingly random times. The files that throw this error are checked in, available and will open if double clicked. Using -CopyOut works fine, but using -Export throws the error:

"WARNING: Error occurred while attempting to export 'Folder\File.dgn', 58015"

Any ideas?

Here is a code snippet:


$PWDocuments = Get-PWDocumentsBySearch -FolderID "$($WorkArea.ProjectID)" -Attributes @{123_DOC_PWS = 'Export'}

$exportFolder = "C:\Temp"

$Splat_Export = @{
InputDocument = $PWDocuments
ExportFolder = $exportFolder
$pwExportedDocuments = CheckOut-PWDocuments @Splat_Export -Export     >> Throws random '58015' errors

$pwExportedDocuments = CheckOut-PWDocuments @Splat_Export -CopyOut  >> copies everything out OK 


Thanks for taking a look!