request for cmdlet to set date/time on files

I'd like to be able to set the date/time on files. All the date/times and to an arbitrary time rather than just the current date that Update-PWDocumentFileUpdateTimeToNow does.

    -InputDocument <ProjectWiseDocument[]>
    -DocumentUpdateDate <DateTime>
    -FileUpdateDate <DateTime>
    -CreateDate <DateTime>

Not sure the -ServerIsUTC is needed, I'm assuming if a timezone specific time is
provided in an option and the serverisutc it would automatically be converted
but if not, specifying ServerIsUTC would convert it to UTC then set the date/time.

    $pwDocs = Get-PWDocumentsBySearch -FolderPath '\Path\to\files' -FileName '%.dgn'
    $now = Get-Date
    $then = $now.AddHours(-1)
    $pwDocs | Update-PWDocumentDateTimes -CreateDate $then -FileUpdateDate $now -DocumentUpdateDate $now

I have some files that I would like to keep in sync between a file server and multiple datasources. Being able to set the date/times on the files in each location so they all match would make it useful for searches checking for modified files.


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