Add-PWSavedSearch syntax for $FIELD$ search

According to the change log, support for $FIELD expression was added in PWPS_DAB version

using the following powershell code:

$AuditUser = 'thbn'
$SearchField = "`$FIELD(10)`$ = (SELECT DISTINCT o_userno FROM dms_user WHERE o_username in ('$AuditUser'))"
$AuditSkabelon = 'Innovationsprojekter\Test_THBN\'
$SearchFolder = 'Større anlæg\7x\'

Get-PWRichProjects -FolderPath $AuditSkabelon -JustOne | 
Add-PWSavedSearch -SearchName 'CAD-files' -Environment 'Dokument' -DocumentName $SearchField -SearchFolder $SearchFolder -SearchSubFolders -UpdatedAfter 10/10-2020 -ReplaceExisting -Verbose

Gives the following in the search builder:
='$FIELD(10)$ = (SELECT DISTINCT o_userno FROM dms_user WHERE o_username in ('thbn'))'

however, this was the expected search result:
$FIELD(10)$ = (SELECT DISTINCT o_userno FROM dms_user WHERE o_username in ('thbn'))

Do we have any examples for writing the $FIELD expression ?

  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Your field syntax is correct.  This should work better next release.

    Mark Weisman | Bentley Systems

  • Thanks for the quick response - the code above is now working.
    However, i am facing issues with FIELD-searches like:

    #Search Filtyper
    $FiltyperArguments = @{
      SearchName = 'Filtyper'
      Description = $userFIELD
      FileName = "`$FIELD`$  LIKE '' OR `$FIELD`$ LIKE '%.7z' OR `$FIELD`$  LIKE '%.rar'" 
      SearchFolder = 'Større anlæg\7x\'
      UpdatedAfter = $AuditDate.AddMonths(-3)
      SearchSubFolders = $true
      ReplaceExisting = $true
    $AuditProjekt | Add-PWSavedSearch @FiltyperArguments -Verbose
    Gives the following search value:
    LIKE '$FIELD$  LIKE '' OR $FIELD$ LIKE '%.7z' OR $FIELD$  LIKE '%.rar''
    And not the expected:
    $FIELD$  LIKE '' OR $FIELD$ LIKE '%.7z' OR $FIELD$  LIKE '%.rar'

    I dont know if it is related, but i in pwps_dab version i am also getting error running the cmdlet Add-PWSavedFolderSearch. Stating that it can not find 'CreateFolderSearch' in 'PWSearchWrapperX64.dll'

    is FIELD-searches also supported in the cmdlet Add-PWSavedFolderSearch ?

  • Reviewing the change log, it states that we added support for $field$ expression to Add-PWSavedSearch.  We will extend that support to other cmdlets as time allows.  We will also look into the trailing single quote issue.   Fixing Add-PWSavedFolderSearch will be our highest priority.


    Mark Weisman | Bentley Systems

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