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I have a DS that the PW admins created interfaces trying to learn how to administrate the DS.  They are testing interfaces, but are in use.  Is there any way to remove them using PS?

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  • You can use the PWWrapper assembly to accomplish this. Be sure to do some testing.

    You will need to ensure the Interface is not used for any Environments. Once that is verified, the following should work.

    $InterfaceName = 'InterfaceToDelete'

    $Interface = (Get-PWInterfaces).GetEnumerator() | Where-Object Value -eq $InterfaceName

    if( -not ([pwwrapper]::aaApi_DeleteGui($Interface.Key))){

        Write-Warning -Message "Failed to remove Interface '$InterfaceName'. $(Get-PWError(Get-LastPWErrorId))";


    Answer Verified By: Adrian Crowfoot 

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