Remove-PWFolder not putting folder to recycle bin

I am trying to delete a set of folders weekly. But I also want those folders deleted should list in "Deleted Items" section in ProjectWise. But unfortunately it is not working for me. Please help.

Script: Remove-PWFolder -FolderID '486359' -RemoveDocuments -RemoveFolders -ProceedWithDelete -Verbose

  • Ajomon,

    It appears that the Remove-PWFolders does not include a parameter to move deleted Documents to the Deleted Items folder. This may need to be an enhancement for a future update (to the PWPS_DAB Module).

    *Note: Be careful with "regularly" deleting Folders. There is a limit on the number of Folders that can be created for a Datasource. Each time a Folder is created, a unique ID is generated and assigned to the Folder. This ID cannot be reused. So, excessive (regular) creating and deleting Folders can and will eventually get you to the limit. May take a little while to get there, but you'll get there sooner than you would organically.

    Folder Limit (Count): 9,999,999 - 50, if I remember correctly.

    Matthew Kovach

    Design Systems Administrator

    ProjectWise Explorer CONNECT Edition, Version

    ProjectWise Drive 2022.1, Version 2022.1.638.0

    OpenRoads Designer CE 2021 Release 2, Version

    OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition, Version

  • Do you know when this enhancement will be released?

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