Export-PWDocuments Relative Path For References

When attempting to export documents from ProjectWise using the Powershell command Export-PWDocuments, the references are using DMS paths still instead of relative paths based on the export location. When performing the same action using the Export Folders tool inside of ProjectWise Explorer, there's an option called "Update documents to use local paths for references and links" that works and changes the reference paths. How can this be done using the Powershell commands?

Examples of script we've used:

<#Delcare Vars#>
$LocalFolder = 'D:\_idcWork\pwArchiveStructure\BAM Training 2'
$PWFolderPath = '\Training\BAM Training'

<#Export Docs#>
Export-PWDocuments -InputDocuments (Get-PWDocumentsBySearch -FolderPath "$PWFolderPath") -OutputFolder "$LocalFolder" -Verbose

Export-PWDocuments -OutputFolder "$LocalFolder" -ProjectWiseFolder "$PWFolderPath" -Verbose

The script above pulls references, but the references are still using DMS folder paths instead of the relative local paths.