How to filter Get-PWFolderSecurity based on type 'User'

I am trying to get all User type access control list using Get-PWFolderSecurity. But unfortunately it is taking more time to get the results and I did not find a way to filter only 'User' type results. Is there any way to filter out the results so that I can reduce the time for querying the results


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  • Are you looking to get Access Control information for one Folder (and it's Subfolders) or several Folders (and their Subfolders)?  In any case, I think that you may be looking for this command to return applicable Access Control information for a Folder:

    # Get Folder Security for 'Users'.
    Get-PWFolders -FolderPath "UAT\Projects\12345678901" -JustOne | Get-PWFolderSecurity | Where-Object { $_.Type -eq "User" }

    The above command returns Access Control information for just one Folder (no Subfolders). However, this can be changed easily by removing the -JustOne parameter.

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