Export-PWDocuments script crashes Powershell

Hi All,

I was given the following script from Bentley to allow me to export a fair amount of data from our datasource which will be backed up somewhere (somebody else will be looking after that). For now I just want to copy out the files.

The command given to me is:

Export-PWDocuments -OutputFolder "E:\temp\export" -ProjectWiseFolder "ARCHIVE\" -ExportMetadata -ExportMetadataFile "C:\temp\excel\output1.xlsx"

It works well except it only gets about halfway through the export and crashes Powershell. I am not a Powershell user but I am learning a lot through this issue, but I am not sure what else to do. What is written to the Windows logs is just an error code for the crash.

There are lot of folders that go down many levels so that may be the problem but that is only my guess and I don't know how to work around that.

For further info I am running it elevated in the  x86 version of the Windows Powershell.

Thanks for reading.

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