Convert-PWUserToFederated returns Warning

We are getting ready to go into production with federated accounts. For ProjectWise, I've written a PowerShell script to update set the user Identity and set the user to a federated account.


import-module pwps_dab -DisableNameChecking

# Connect to ProjectWise TEST
$PWord = ConvertTo-SecureString -String "******" -AsPlainText -Force
$value = New-PWLogin -UserName admin -Password $PWord -DatasourceName datasource

$Users = Get-PWUsersByMatch -Email "*" -LoginInfo | Where-Object {$_.Type -like "Windows*"}
# $Users | Out-GridView
foreach ($u in $Users) {
    $currentUser = Set-PWUserIdentity -Users $u -Identity $u.Email
    $currentUser = Convert-PWUserToFederated -InputUser $u -IdentityName $u.Email


Version      Module
-----------    ---------------------    pwps_dab 


The user lookup works successfully.

I can set the UserIdentity successfully.

The Convert-PWUserToFederated returns:  "WARNING: Error creating database view" and does not update the user.

Any suggestions are appreciated?  Are there anymore updates that need to be made at the user level for ProjectWise?