New-PWRenditionRequest add the possibility to choose the Profile-Settings like File-Presentation and so on

Atm its not possible to create an rendition with this request whit an pre defined File-Presentation which is already part of this profile.
Only the default one can be used.

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  • I'am using this (all these options are avaliable within the create renditions dialog in PW for that RenditionProfile):

    New-PWRenditionRequest -InputDocuments $PWDocuments -DestinationOption 'PDF_Update' -FilenameOption 'DokumentenName' -MakeSinglePlotRequest -PresentationOption 'WFL-A2-PDF' -ProfileName 'PDF_Rendition' -RenditionOption 'PDF'

    The values which are identical with the defaults would be -FilenameOption 'DokumentenName' and -RenditionOption 'PDF'.
    Untill I remove all settings values which are equal to the defaults Im getting the folowing error:

    WARNING: Error submitting plot request. Untill i remove all settings which are default.

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