ProjectWise PowerShell Update-PWUserSetting doesn't appear to update user

I am working on a script for creating users and have run into a strange issue. My script calls for updates to a user and when run it confirms that it works with -verbose tag, but the dialog box doesn't reflect the change. Running a Get-PWUserSettingByUser confirms that the change is made.

I have logged out of Bentley completely and logged back in to confirm that these settings are accurate.

Here's the part of my script for reference:

$users = Get-PWUsersByMatch -Email $Email -verbose
Set-PWUserIdentity -users $users -Identity $email -verbose

Update-PWUserSetting -InputUsers $Users -SettingName Doc_CanModify $true -verbose
Update-PWUserSetting -InputUsers $Users -SettingName Doc_CanDelete $false -verbose
Update-PWUserSetting -InputUsers $Users -SettingName Doc_UseLocalRecycleBinOnFree $false -verbose

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