Coordination with RVT files - location issues


We currently have a issue with RVT file coordination.

The project is designed in Microstation (main coordination model with correct coordinates), to which are connected various RVT files. The RVT file has correct coordinates set (to match DGN file location). However, the RVT file location (defined only for project address) seems to be superior to the defined coordinates in REVIT. Therefore, when I load the RVT model to iModel HUB the iModel takes the Location (as mentioned should serve only for project address) from the RVT file instead of the defined coordinates. This means that the RVT appears in the wrong location.

The peculiar thing is that if the IFC model is made from RVT and loaded in Microstation, it shows in the correct coordinates defined in RVT. I have previously worked with RVT files and didn't encounter any issues at all, I checked both the new RVT files and files in previous projects that appeared in the correct coordinates, they have exact settings and same method of input for the project coordinates. 

Anyboy has/had similar issue and found the solution? Is there a way to import RVT files to the i-model and get the correct coordinates? Are there any specific settings for the RVT file necessary for i-model to load the correct coordinates?

Thank you and kind regards