How to stop ICS for PDF from removing characters from output document Name

Using <Document.Name> in the Output File Naming Convention's Rendition document name patter field results in characters such as / being removed  i.e. a document named  "S0439-1022 1/5" results in a a renditioned document named "S0439-1022 15".

Note that this is the document name and not the file name and the two are not synced.

Is it posable to over come this behavior or at least have a suitable substitute i.e. "-" used instead?

  • / is an illegal character for a file name in Windows so there is no way to override the behavior. I'm not sure if you can change it to use a different character.

    Projectwise allows you to use illegal characters in document & folder names because they only exist in the database (until situations like this). I really wish it wouldn't.

    the other illegal characters are:

    < (less than)
    > (greater than)
    : (colon - sometimes works, but is actually NTFS Alternate Data Streams)
    " (double quote)
    / (forward slash)
    \ (backslash)
    | (vertical bar or pipe)
    ? (question mark)
    * (asterisk)