ProjectWise365 and ProjectWise Drive

Good afternoon.

We have started to rollout ProjectWise365 and ProjectWise Drive.

I have ProjectWise Drive Version 2021.3.283.0 installed on my PC and are also making use of MS Edge that is fully updated.

We have 552 work areas under one connected project.

We are experiencing the following problem.

  1. When checking out a document from the ProjectWise365 portal the process takes forever and then comes back with an error.
  2. When I want to open a document in the desktop app, like a word document, I also get the error.
  3. The IIS worker proces on the WSG server then starts to consume a huge amount of RAM, sometime close to 95% of the allotted 10GB RAM on the VM.
  4. The CPU usage on the WSG server then also starts to increase, the VM has 4 virtual processors.
  5. I have to run an iisreset /restart command to bring down the usage.

When I shutdown the ProjectWise Drive and open a fresh instance of the ProjectWise365 portal via the browser, I am able to check out and open documents without any problems.

We have all the latest software as required by Bentley on the PWI and WSG servers.  

I would appreciate any input or suggestions to this regard.

Thank you kindly and have a blessed day.