Frustrations with Renditioning

Our users are experiencing "inconsistency's" with iCS for PDF renditioning. For example, and this is second hand, if one plots several sheets a handful will not load the workspace. When the same set is printed again a different handful will not load the workspace.  If one tries to print the same sheets 10 times, each set will be different.

After several SR's and even iCS server upgrades, the issue persists.

Now, I'm told that there is a known defect to be addressed by a ProjectWise update, version 4.0, not yet available.

Can anyone affirm that they are also experiencing this issue or behavior?

For those who may not be experiencing this issue or behavior, what versions of ProjectWise and MicroStation are you using?

I just cannot image this issue is not unique to either my specific workspace, the workflow or user(s). I cannot imagine the Bentley user base as a whole is effectively using iCS for PDF while we cannot. I mean, it's not new.

Any help, direction or insight would be appreciated.