Design Scripts for ProjectWise Renditions

Looking at the various topics that come up when I type the title of this question, I am overwhelmed by the many options, and overly concerned by those entries that are so old as to possibly be invalid.

I am learning ProjectWise Renditions, Specifically PDF Renditioning. My learning path involved taking a MicroStation CE CAD file from ProjectWise, and creating a .pdf plot using standard Plotting, Print Organizer, and then PDF Renditions. The task was to assume that the Standard plot was correct, and make all three the same.

Ultimately I was able to make it work but I was surprised at what I could not do in the Renditions interface that I was able to do otherwise.

If I am on the right track here, I learned after the fact that One must use Design scripts in place of .PLT or .PLTCFG files to achieve the same results the other two options use with those files.

As such, I was looking for both some good "Training / learning" resources on creating these scripts, as well as any other direction I might need. 

I also realize that when you look at the "Source File Presentation Setting" under "Rendition File Components", the main controlling factor here is the "Settings File". So when I open one of these files with "ProjectWise Interplot Organizer", The default directions and descriptions for this is somewhat lacking, so I am left guessing what some of the most important elements are.

Thanks in advance for your assistance; upon reviewing the above, I realize there is a lot here. I look forward to being on the other side of the learning curve.