Renditioning and Fonts

If I am in the wrong forum, my apologies.


I represent a company that uses a cloud hosted instance for ProjectWise. We are presently in the process of trying to adapt PDF Renditioning to work as a plotting option for our users.

I admit that I am very much still working through the learning curve on this process, but it seems that there are fewer options and configuration features with this printing platform than anything else I have seen.


My main issue is:


When configuring the system to create .PDF output for a specific project, I can not seem to get the fonts to come out correct.

Historically there have been issues where the program I am using to view the .PDF (Adobe Acrobat, Blue Beam Revu, Etc.) displays it wrong, or the computer being used does not have the right fonts installed.

However, in this case, I can get the same file looking correct using the same workstation with standard Bentley printing or with Print Organizer (Using ORD, MicroStation Etc), so I don’t believe it is the local computer.

It has been suggested that the cloud server hosting our files and processing the Renditioning requests might be the problem.

Again, if this is the wrong forum, please let me know and I’ll try another direction.

Either way, thanks for the consideration and assistance.