When Using a PEN or DSCRIPT File, Overrides Are Not Respected

So, I've been testing the ever living $&%* out of this and I have been able to confirm 100% that if you are using a PEN or DSCRIPT file when printing, and an element has a linestyle applied directly to it (the element isn't ByLevel) then any override for that level is ignored for that element when plotting and it prints with whatever linestyle is applied to it. This even happens for text if the text has a linestyle applied to it.

I only discovered this because we do not use PEN or DSCRIPT files in our usual day to day MicroStation plotting since linestyle stroke lengths can be controlled inside of the PLT or PLTCFG files, but we started using iCS for PDF to create Renditions in ProjectWise and iCS can not use PLT or PLTCFG files and all your linestyle stroke lengths have to be defined in either a PEN or a DSCRIPT file.

Does anybody know of any way around this or has anybody else encountered this? I'm desperate.

Thank you,
Chris Williams