PW Interplot Organizer - properties forward and back?

The ProjectWise Explorer properties dialog has buttons at the bottom to go forward and back, to work through the files in a directory.

That would be REALLY helpful to have in the Properties dialog in Interplot Organizer.

We have variables that control a lot of text substitutions on our title block. While many of these can be set in one go by selecting all the files and entering them in the properties dialog, there are always one or two that are specific to any single sheet...for every sheet in the set. Currently I am selecting the first file, opening the properties dialog (wait, wait, wait) entering the one variable I need to add, closing the dialog, selecting the next file...rinse and repeat ad infinitum. it would be SO much easier if the properties dialog could "move" back and forth through the file list, without the need to open and close through every file.

Or am I overlooking something?

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