Is there an Orchestration Framework SDK or Distribution services API programming guide


I'm trying to determine if there is another way of getting jobs in to an Orchestration Framework instance from ProjectWise other than relying on a job query set-up or adding documents in to a job and starting the processing manually. I.e. potentially implant a job set into the orchestration framework, wait for it to finish processing and then remove the job.

Looking through the Orchestration Framework SQL database it seems the vast bulk of the job configuration (ignoring the tables which define the document processors) is held in tables such as: dbo.radsJobConfigurationSetDefinition (Job plotting settings), dbo.radsJobDefinitionTable (the actual jobs set-up in the Distribution service), and many others including ones which track the job progress (which I guess allows the framework browser to report back the status).

I expect that the answer will be that Bentley will not provide assistance for such a thing, but worth an ask.

No doubt the question 'why' I want to do this will come up, and the simple answer is that the job querying is not dynamic enough within the standard orchestration framework in V8i SS2 to try to work through the workload and manage further upcoming jobs. As such, I'd rather utilize the framework as a tool for properly batch processing documents to PDFs and manage the input using another method.