GreenBook - PW Managed Services

Bentley offers customers a solution of hosted ProjectWise CONNECT Edition, deployed within a Microsoft Azure data center to provide a secure Common Data Environment. ProjectWise CONNECT Edition provides the technology, processes and people to deliver a single source of truth for project documentation.

The power of Microsoft Azure and Bentley Managed Services eliminates hardware procurement and resource allocation costs, as well as the administrative burdens associated with system upgrades and maintenance. The Bentley Hosted ProjectWise solution also includes disaster recovery, backups, and system redundancy as stated in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). This enables customers to realize a significant reduction in the cost of delivering and managing traditional on-premise server hardware, operating system support, and compatibility, as well as database licensing and maintenance.

Combined with leading levels of support, the proposed solution enables organizations to deliver secure, consistent, and efficient service to its users. The solution is both scalable to meet current and future business requirements.

Download this Greenbook and learn more about Bentley's hosted ProjectWise solution.