ProjectWise CONNECTION Services helps users "Begin with the End in Mind"

“Begin with the End in Mind” – Steven Covey’s Habit #2 among his classic, [The] 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey writes that “Habit #2 is based on imagination--the ability to envision in your mind what you cannot at present see with your eyes. It is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There is a mental (first) creation, and a physical (second) creation. The physical creation follows the mental, just as a building follows a blueprint. Begin with the End in Mind means to begin each day, task, or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscles to make things happen.”

“With a clear vision of your desired direction and destination”

Although Covey was writing about individual potential and outcomes, his words ring true for organizations and companies as well.  “The physical creation follows the mental, just a building follows a blueprint”. Having a blueprint helps us define “what” the end is, but doesn’t necessarily give us a clear picture of how and when we’ll get there. 

Great lesson! But how does this apply to Bentley and our industry?

Bentley recognizes that many organizations are looking for better ways to track project status and progress, to identify potential bottlenecks and help predict expected project finish based on current trends.  In his session, Introduction to ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards, at the ProjectWise LEARNIng Conference in Seattle, Senior Product Manager, Rimantas Varavinicius, introduced ProjectWise users and administrators to how using ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards helps keep the end in mind.

ProjectWise Project Performance Dashboards give insight into answering common questions that keep project managers awake at night.

  • How are we progressing?
  • Are we on track to complete the project according to specifications, on time, and within budget?
  • What could be improved? What are the potential bottlenecks?

How it Works

Single dashboard cloud service, delivered as a Bentley CONNECTION service

Data comes from multiple sources, including:

  • ProjectWise Design Integration Server and
  • ProjectWise Deliverables Management Service
  • Soon, other Bentley products:
    • ProjectWise Engineering Content Management Services
    • Dynamic Validation Services
    • Asset Performance Management
    • ProjectWise Construction Work Packaging Services
  • Later - 3rd party solutions

What it Does (Key Benefits)

  • Provides insight into current project status & what are the trends
  • Helps identify potential bottlenecks – both internally and externally
  • Helps predict expected project finish date based on current trends
  • Helps calculate cost/quality ratio when hiring external consultants.
  • Shows which companies are doing well and which companies have some issues (with how they’re organizing their processes)

What is Shows

Project status and trends

  • What is the total number of project documents and how it has been changing over time?
  • How many deliverable documents are there in the project and how many of them are approved/done?
  • What is the number and status of transmittal packages?
  • How many transmitted documents get rejected?
  • What part of issued documents might need to be updated?

Potential project bottlenecks

  • How many transmittal packages were issued later than planned (Issue date > planned issue date)?
  • What is the breakdown of late transmittals by delay?
  • How many planned/draft transmittals are already overdue?
  • How long is the delay?
  • What (external) companies or recipients are habitually late to respond to our transmittals?

Transmittal responses drill-down report

Project activity statistics

  • How many users are actively modifying documents in a given period of time? And who are they?
  • What’s the total number of active users in that period?
  • How many project documents were modified during that selected period of time?

To Sum Up

ProjectWise CONNECTION Services is a collection of cloud services for:

  1. Project performance tracking with improved visibility into the progress and status of deliverables, helping users monitor project status, identify issues and address potential problems before they negatively impact the project.

  2. Streamlining workflows and management with transmittals, submittals and RFI services for multi-organizational project teams utilizing an easy-to-use, secure cloud-based deliverables management solution that will help users meet their contractual obligations. 

  3. Secure information sharing across federated project teams and information repositories, blending project teams and information with greater precision, helping users improve project performance by streamlining design coordination across project teams regardless of location. 

Keep checking back to learn more or post your question in the Product Forum. Be sure to use #Bentley15.

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