Navigator Connect Edition settings cashed to single machine

Good morning,

Within our business we have decided to improve the way we work on our projects. That is why we use Bentley Navigator Connect edition ( as one of the softwares we use to record any comments and clashes with other disciplines on our i-Model. 

The problem we are facing: we have used a single machine (laptop windows 7 enterprise) to add comments and issues into an i-Model on our server after which, we would like to export these issues to other disciplines however, when opening that same i-Model from the same server and path on another machine, none of the comments are visible. 

We have tried using the same Bentley account log in on another machine to see if the comments / settings / issues are connected and/or saved to the Bentley account on which the changes were made, however that has not worked. 

The strange thing is that the comments, issues etc. are all still intact on the machine on which we have initially made these comments etc. 

Does anyone know if Bentley Navigator CE saves settings to the individual user / machine? If so where can that be found? 

What is the best way to access these comments on another machine?

On another note, after we get these comments onto another machine, what is the best way to output all the comments to an excel file to pass onto other disciplines?


Kind Regards.