Did you know you can run Bentley Transmittal Services and ProjectWise Deliverables Management on the same project?

As you may already know, ProjectWise Deliverables Management was released last year as one of the new Bentley Connection services, enabling the features of Transmittals, Submittals and RFI management all integrated with your ProjectWise Design Integration Datasource.

Many of you have successfully used, or still using, the Bentley Transmittal Services product (known to many as BTS v1.0) but are looking to extend the functionality of the new service.

Well good news! You can run both products side by side even on the same project!  That way you can start using PWDM while still finishing up any existing transmittals.

For more information see the link below or post a question in the forum

ProjectWise Deliverables Management FAQ