ProjectWise Deliverables Management

What is ProjectWise Deliverables Management?

ProjectWise Deliverables Management is an easy-to-use, secure cloud-based service, which will help users meet their contractual obligations. As you may already know, the previous release of this product was called Bentley Transmittal Services V1.0. It was mainly focused on the Transmittal management process. In this upcoming release of this CONNECTED Service, we are planning to add support for Submittal management and RFI management processes. As the product will now allow manage transmittals, submittals and RFIs, it was decided to rename it to ProjectWise Deliverables Management service to make sure the name well describes all the functionality included.  


Key Features

  • Deliverables Management features may also be integrated with ProjectWise Explorer, by associating a ProjectWise Project with a CONNECTED project. Submittal files and metadata automatically imported into your ProjectWise datasource. (requires installation of small plug in)

  • Automatically generated pdf cover letter containing recipient and document list (easily configured via an Excel spreadsheet – no Office installation required)

  • Issuer is able to download responses for all documents, from all recipients in one Excel report