• Annotation Label

    How to create or edit ProStructure annotation label.The annotation label controls most of Prostructure text used in 2D drawings, such as ProStructure text label, position flag, description text.

    • Tue, Jan 28 2014
  • Single part Dimensioning Options

    This attachment will allow learning more on the single part dimensioning options. here are the list of options covered.

    - User Dimension Points

                - Dimension Points

                - Local Reference Point

                - Local Reference Point

    - Add Dimension Group

                - User Groups

    - Add Modification

               - Other Contour

               - Inner Contour

               - Holes as Top View and holes as Side View

               - Cut Angle

               - Radius Centerpoint

    - Add Special Groups

    • Tue, Jan 28 2014
  • How to Modify Widgets Database.

    Modifying how Widgets Show on 2D Plans and Elevations

     This topic will cover how to modify the existing widget tables in the AISC catalog.

    Understanding the concept of the widgets

     Each shape (extrusion) has four sides that use the widget representation. Looking at the image below, you can see the number that each side is assigned for recognition in the database tables.


     Each of these side views have a line count…

    • Tue, Jan 28 2014