Featured LEARNing: Bentley's Virtual Classroom, January 26-31, 2015

Did you know Bentley offers live training in a virtual classroom setting to complement its on-demand video lectures?  You'll work with practical, hands-on exercises and real-world datasets all delivered by Bentley experts.  In the blended learning classroom, you will watch the corresponding video lecture(s) prior to attending the class and work on exercises in the practice workbook during the live portion while an instructor is available to answer your questions.

The following virtual classroom courses for Structural Drafting & Detailing are scheduled through the end of January.

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ProSteel for MicroStation - Modeling Fundamentals

26 January 2015 – 08:00 EST (United States)
Instructor: Douglas Morton

This course is designed for the new ProSteel user and builds a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and features for modeling in ProSteel. In this hands-on course you will cover the advised project workflow for using ProSteel in the office environment, starting with a project and model setup and concluding at the point of documentation using the advised workflow. This course is intended for users who only need the 3D model of the structure without any need for automated 2D drawings.


ProSteel for MicroStation - General Arrangements Fundamentals

29 January 2015 – 08:00 EST (United States)
Instructor: Douglas Morton

This course teaches the new user basic ProSteel functionality to create a detailed 3D model. From the completed model, the students will learn to create 2D output including plans, elevations and anchor plans. This course is intended for users who only need to generate 2D layouts of the structure (plans & elevations) without any need for fabrication/shop drawings.


ProSteel for MicroStation - Fabrication Fundamentals

30 January 2015 – 08:00 EST (United States)
Instructor: Douglas Morton

Through a series of hands-on exercises, this course teaches the student the features of ProSteel to give them the ability to create a detailed structural model in 3D. Additional emphasis on 2D drawing production, enable the student to produce deliverables for all model structures. This class is intended for users who need to generate 2D drawings for fabrication/erection purposes.


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