Prostructure Units

Can someone confirm what Units are coming out of Prostructures for Metric and Imperial?

Units for Lengths, Weight, Area, Volume, etc.

  • Do you just need a listing like Kpi, Kg, mm etc. ? Is it for shop drawings or for part lists ?

    Units Formats in Item Browser

    Some new formatted equivalent values for length, wide, height, weight, area and volume are added. Formatted values are as follows:

    • Length, width, and height:
    • Metric values are in mm for values less than 999 and in meters for 1,000 mm and greater.
    • Imperial values are in inches for values less than a 12 and in feet for 12 in and greater.
    • Weight:
    • Metric values are in kg for values less than a 1,000 and in tons for 1,000 kg and greater.
    • Imperial values are in lbs for value less than 2,000 and in tons for 2,000 lbs and greater.
    • Area:
    • Metric values are in mm2 for values less than 1,000,000 and in m2 for 1,000,000 mm2 and greater.
    • Imperial values are in in2 for values less than 144 and in ft2 for 144 in2 and greater.
    • Volume:
    • Metric values are in m3.
    • Imperial values are in cubic feet for steel and cubic yards for concrete.

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