Help! Annoying problem with 2D Views


I need help with extraction of 2D drawings of views.

I've attached two snapshots from my model space. First one, completely regular, shows workframe view and as You can see, it's perfectly fine. The other snapshot is the 2d extraction of the same workframe view. As You can see, there is a huge rectangular shape covering the top of the structure. How do I get to remove it?

Is there something to uncheck? I've tried using different style, but it didn't help. For example, when I used standard style, the part behind the rectangular shape was shown hidden.

It's really driving me crazy. All the other drawing templates I created (for groups, plates etc.) are working just fine. This happens only with views and complete Isometric View.

I'm using the latest Microstation based ProStructures (before the update nothing similared happened with my views).

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