Creating concrete partlist issues


I am working with Prostructures (Proconcrete) Connect Edition Update 1 Version I have the following questions that maybe someone can provide answers or comments.

  1. The file/concrete model does not appear to me to be too complex but it is taking approx. 45 minutes to create the concrete partlists .MDB file.
    1. Is this common?
    2. I am assuming it is related to the "Bitmap images" (diagrams) that are being generated. In this case there are 54 images all approx. 3mb. correct or is there another reason?
  2. I have used a couple of different .lst files to create the concrete partlist reports. On these in the 1st column we show the bar diameter/bar designation and the mark number. In the 1st partlist the bar diameter/bar designation is correct. In the 2nd partlist (which used the same .MDB file and data as the 1st partlist), the bar diameter/designation is changed (and is incorrect) but the mass is still being calculated for the correct bar diameter/bar designation.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Files for this include:

RC-Merged_Culvert_With reinforcing_Session 15.dgnPDFPDF

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