Pen Table automatically generating line weight overrides in Pro Concrete

Morning Guys,

A small issue we are experiencing with the switch from AECOsim to Pro Concrete that we have noticed, when printing to PDF from our 2D drawings all of our 3D referenced saved views will not print any line weights.

All other items referenced in (2d drawings) and all of the items on our sheet will print in the correct line weight .

When printing in AECOsim it works perfectly but in Pro Concrete it does not. we are using the same Print Config file and same pen table file each time.

We have pin pointed the issue down to a single column within our Pen table ( Map Design Colors), as soon as Pro Concrete loads our Pen table it is auto adding a control on the width of line weight within the Pen map colors table. but when loading this Pen Table in AECOsim this does not occur.

we have tried switching these off to not define print width, this allows us to print as needed but as soon as the pen table is loaded again the same issues occurs.

AECOsim Pen Table Map Design Colors

Pro Concrete Showing the control on width of line for all Colours