ProStructures for Precast Concrete?

Any plans to provide tools for precast concrete? Even on large infrastructure jobs, I see an increased demand for precast in lieu of insitu... mainly due to programme and road access restrictions. Bridge girders and TBM linings as well as trackside components have also long had a market in the infrastructure sector.

Looking at Strusoft Impact, AgaCAD, iDAT, Planbar, IC Prefab, the main modeling elements are:-

  1. Walls (Solid, Double, Sandwich)
  2. Columns + Beams (typically with corbels)
  3. Slabs (Solid, Hollowcore, Filigree, Ribbed, TT plate)

Basic modeling tools for these elements could be provided quite easily by providing the profiles for extrusion elements. The connections and inserts could also be provided using the available tools.

But, to provide the productivity features necessary to compete, further automation will be needed:-

  1. Rules-based segmentation of the Walls and Slabs based on factory, erection and transport restrictions.
  2. Smart Connections I suppose that ProStructures has already got rebar tools that can work around the inserts.
  3. Automatic placement of lifting anchors based on centre of gravity
  4. Smart cuts / openings and conduit placement, which the rebar tools would recognise
  5. ??

ProStructures has some tools that would give it some home advantages:-

  1. Cross-file associativity: a lot of models will originate from more generalist designers like architects and others not au fait with the precast world. A lot of models will also be a in a foreign format or IFC. iTwins?
  2. Companion app suites like OpenBuildings Designer, OpenPlant Support Modeling, RCDC etc that will also have structural connections that will need to be integrated with the precast works. No exporting and tool switching = more productivity.
  3. ProStructures already has piece/element drawing generation tools for both rebar and steel. Preacast panels will have both.
  4. Connection to well used structural analysis apps like STAAD / RAM / PLAXIS via ISM
  5. Upcoming GC connection?