Dimensioned Fractions

I am using ProStructures Connect Update 5 and having problems with dimensioned fractions not reducing to the least common denominator. 
I get results with fractions like 2'- 2/8" or 6'-4 6/8".  What could be causing this?  Thanks for the help

  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting your query over the Bentley Communities Forum.

    To avoid this issue, please follow the settings for the dimension style which you have used.

    1. In the Search ribbon, type the ‘Dimension Styles’ and click on it.

    2. Now, when the Dimension Style dialog box is opened, select the dimension style you have used.

    3. Now, go the units tab, and increase the units accuracy as shown in the image below.

    4. Also, another important step is you need to go to the advanced tab and under the units>primary, make sure that option Retain Fractional Accuracy is unchecked. Unchecking this option will reduce the fractional value to the lowest common denominator.

    Please follow the above settings for the used dimension style and let us know if you have any further concern.

    Mihir Patil.


  • Thanks Mihir. Unfortunately my settings matched yours.  I closed and restarted the program but got thee same problem.  Any other thoughts?