Is there more training available?

Good afternoon, everyone.

I need to start learning how to use ProConcrete CE.  I've completed what's available in the "QuickStart for Structural Designers using ProConcrete (PowerProStructures)".  I completed both the concrete modeling and rebar modeling portions of the course.  The main problem I'm having with this course is that not all of the referenced sample files are available and portions of the course seem to be left out of the available videos.  This series was also developed for V8 and doesn't quite match the appearance, command structure or features of CE.  While this course is great as a starter, it falls short of my need of a detailed course.

I was curious, are there any more exhaustive sources to reference than the quick start guide?  I will need configure ProConcrete CE as well as design, detail, sheet, dimension, bill and quantify an entire structure.  I have noticed that the SIG videos cover some of those topics but seem to not address them in an orderly fashion.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

-- Mike Feiock

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