Text Size in Section Symbol


how can I change text size in the Detailing Symbol of the the section? The text that I get as an outcome is incredibly small as compared to the text of the label and dimension.

I tried to change the size of the text in the SectionBuble model in the file: ProConcreteDetailingSymbolStyles.dgnlib but Text Size in the SectionBubble model looks good (proportionally) when compared to size of the cirlce.

I followed instructions in this wiki:https://communities.bentley.com/products/prostructures/w/structural_drafting_and_detailing__wiki/47267/how-to-change-the-text-size-of-plan-as-well-as-elevation-callout

and changed the height of the text but with no effect. The Text still remains small.

I use Prostructures CONNECT Edition


Grzegorz Zwoniarkiewicz