How to place a hole in Wall/panel w/o losing the Wall/panel properties?

I'm using ProStructures Connect Edition

We use concrete wall panels as abutment walls on some of our bridges.

We have panels that have 75 mm dia holes thru them. I cannot find an option under the Wall/Panel tabs to insert holes,

nor is there an Edit Concrete Element tool to be able to do so, unless I'm not finding it? Any suggestions?

As soon as i use the Modelling tools and place hole feature to get my holes in these Wall/panels, then i lose 

the ability to use rebar placement  for wall/ panels rebarset. I can however use single rebarset, but need to use it twice in one panel,

as these panels have two horizontal set of bars, one on either side of the vertical bars.

Can this option of placing holes in Wall/panels be added?

  • Hi Nicole, 

    Thanks for posting your query over the Bentley Communities Forum. 

    In response to your issue, we recommend you to create the holes in your Wall/Panel by using the Polycuts option in the Element Modification tool 

    Please remember to tick ON the Update reinforcement option. 

    After applying the holes of required diameter, you can then use the Wall/Panel RebarSet tool, to apply the rebars in your concrete wall 

    You will then achieve the desired result, as seen in the picture below - 

    See Video 

    Alistair Lobo

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