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We're taking ProConcrete for a test drive and adding reinforcing to a 3 span concrete beam bridge.  The bridge has been modeled using OpenBridge.  I'm a new user to ProConcrete and don't know all it's capabilities yet.  Below are a few questions.

  1. Is there a way to change levels of the 3D rebar after it's been placed.  All rebar is currently on the same level/same color.  It's making it very difficult to see.  I'm currently using different display sets to view only what I want.  That however is getting more complicated the more rebar gets added.  The Change Attributes tool doesn't work.  I thought I could change the properties, but as soon as I turn off the bridge model all the rebar reverts back to how it was originally placed.
  2. What other options, other than levels, are there to organize different groups of rebar...(deck, barriers, abutments, piers, footings, etc...).  Would like to 'turn on/off' groups of 3D reinforcing to optimize viewing
  3. Sheeting question - Can you add more 2D bars from the 3D elements.  What if I want to show more 2D bars in an area where there are equal spaces between bars and ProStructures doesn't represent those with 2D graphics.  Would be nice if there was a tool where I could pick and choose what 2D rebar I wanted to show from the 3D.  Some details I want to show all bars and others I don't...even if spacing is equal.
  4. Sheeting question - In some cases when I want to see all the bars I also want to see double lines, but would also like to see how the rebar is layered.  I've explored this using the 3D rebar and just play with the Presentation Styles and Display rules to get what I want.  This may come back to the level question, but is there a way to control what 3D rebar you see (other than level) if there are some bars I don't want to see.  It looked like, in the 2D rebar, that I can show that as a double line, but it doesn't show how it's layered...lines go through one another.  Not sure what my question here is exactly, but would be nice if the 2D rebar view was enhanced to show how the bars are layered.  I like the fact, in 2D, that you can hide and show different bars.

I also just now realized I'm running an older version:  Maybe some of the things I'm asking about are enhanced.  Any other reference material would be helpful too.  I've done the normal searches and watched videos...just wondering about other helpful documentation.



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