Single Rebarset tool not following Outline shape

I am attempting to place rebar in the abutment back side stem wall.  The red arrow in the picture is pointing to the shape used for the "RebarSet - Single.  The green arrow is pointing to the concrete and the face where the shape and rebar should go. But the rebar mat comes in at a strange angle as shown by the purple ?.  I have restarted the computer and application but continue to the the issue.  The same procedure actually worked well on the front face of the abutment.  But not on the back of the abutment.  Any Ideas what could be going wrong.  I have check all the settings and everything seems good except for the location of the rebar is coming in wrong.  It is like the rebar is filling the shape selected but from the Front View of the MicroStation View.  The shape being used is an associative shape but even if drop the association it still does the same thing.

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  • Attached is a video of what happens when I try what was shown in the video by Sandip Kar, something is not that same.Click here to play this video

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