Beam Continues Rebar And stirrup Rebar


1st question: How can I make longitudinal reinforcement in a continuous beam as a single reinforcement in a 2,3....n span beam?

2.Question: How do I add Stirrups in 2,3....n span beams.

There is no problem with single span.


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  • Hi Erkan,

    I have reviewed your queries. Here are my comments.

    1. To place a continuous main bar reinforcement along a beam, use the Offset option under Reinforcing Data to extend the main reinforcements. We can understand that these are crucial to placement of stirrups especially the 4 bars at corners.

    2. So for your second query, I suggest you to maintain the zoning data when creating individual stirrups on other parts of the continuous beam. See image below.

    For the rest of the reinforcing bars, I recommend to use a single beam reinforcing tool. These include the continuous bars, extra bars, and midspan at top and bottom, etc. For the splicing the longitudinal bars, I suggest you to use the rebar modification tool - Lap/Splice Rebar to perform multiple splices manually at required splice zones. 

    I will share with you the sample continuous beam I made. Here's the link for the file.

    We understand that there are still limitations in the program to model fast a continuous beam. Your suggestions are good candidates for enhancement. We would appreciate if you share your idea to our ProStructures Ideas Portal. 

    Got an idea for how to improve ProStructures? Share it with us. Or vote on other people's ideas. We created a portal for you to share and vote on ideas to improve ProStructures. Our team will review…

    Thanks & best regards,
    Kemuel Jancorda
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