Partlist missing information

I ran into a strange issue on a project.  When creating a 'single parts ordered list'  The list keeps generating without the total calculation on the final page.  See attachment.

I checked with previous project  models and the final calculations are properly processed.  

Any thoughts??


  • Hi Bernie,

    Can we please know what version are you using? I can see that this is a customise Partlist did you change your prosteel version and this partlist was from an older version? Any changes to your system which might caused this change?

    Are you able to send us your sample file and your partlist please?

  • Roger,

    I am working with ProStructures V8i (select series 6) - Version

    That partlist is not custom at all the. The only change I made to the partlist is I added the company logo.

    Regardless, the partlist is not the problem, being it works just fine with other models. It is just this particular model that seems to be causing the issue. Perhaps there is a corruption of the model or part of the model? Is there a way to check? Or more importantly, is the a solution?>

    I will send you the model and the partlist in a msg shortly.

  • Short update... I am assured that a specific shape or shapes is causing the problem not the model file. I have tries processing the part list with only a few shapes from within the model, and the list 'total calculations' worked. That must mean that a certain shape is causing the problem... any thoughts on figuring out which shape is causing the problem... or which shape is corrupted? (of course, I can process the model section by section until I find the culprit but that will take many hours.)

  • Hi Bernie,

    If that is the case can you please try using the command.

    PS_REBUILD Option 1.

    Can you give me a brief history of the file? Like did it come from different user or machine?

    If yes maybe you do have a different databases so you can also try to use the command PS_RELOAD_REFERENCES


  • Roger,

    As per your recommendation, I tried both commands with no luck.

    I have however narrowed the problem down to one shape. It is a user shape that I created. It is a basic Zed 203/67/22/2 shape. I even tried rebuilding the user shape and replacing... it didn't work.

    So everything else in the model works just fine when trying to calculate the totals in the partlist... just this one shape is not processing. Thoughts as to why? (keep in mind that all the information reads properly elsewhere - it is just in the 'Final Totals' of the partlist that cant process... which is a PROBLEM because it is that list we use for billing.)