Bent shape segmentation and distortion

As an overview, I am wokring on ProStructres V8i Ver on Autocad 2013.

I have both a primary and a secondary/back-up station that I use for modeling/detailing.  I mention this because, the issue at hand only takes place on one of my stations.  Not the other.

My current project is composed of complex bent shapes.  On one of my stations, after inserting a prosteel bent shape, the bent shape changes itself into a series of large segments, REGEN or REGEN ALL do nothing to recover the original shape.  The problem is that the shape does not follow the actual radius required yielding it useless in accurately building a model.  Again, this problem is ONLY on one station.  The other station depicts the bent shape for what is, and maintaines true to life radius and smooth rendering.   I checked both autocad and prosteel setting, but I did not see any variation between the two.

I have attached two pdf I pulled from the same model, one from each of the two stations, to show how the lines are corrupted.

Thoughts?  Thanks!


  • Hi Bernie,

    There are a couple of things you could try to correct this.

    1.  Toggle "Solid Kernel" display mode in the Shape Properties dialogue box.

    2.  Increase the "Arc Shape" faceting value in ProSteel Global options.

    3.  Depending on the current ACAD Visual Style, try the VIEWRES & FACETRES system variables.

    AutoCAD 2017 - N 402.0.0 SP1.2
    ProSteel S6 -
    Australian Localisation
    Windows 10 64bit

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