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Dialog Boxes Off Screen

When you open a dialog box the dialog box will disappear.  The problem is the dialog box is still opened somewhere and is waiting for input.

if you Right Mouse Button (RMB) over the desktop you can select "nView Properties", which brings up a dialog box for "nView Desktop Manager".

Select the "Windows" tab. 

 Window control:

      Prevent windows from opening off-screen": ENABLE (checked)

 Dialog box repositioning:

      Reposition dialog boxes on: Move to application display

      Center dialog box on display: ENABLE (checked)

  • Many Thanks,

    Also, please delete, when it happens, in Drivename:\Program Files\Bentley\ProStructures\V8i_S6\AutoCAD 201x\Localised\Country setting you used\Temp\Metric all files with content  *wnd* (Wnd=Window).

    For Prostructures on Microstation its in

    Drivename of installation:\ProgramData\Bentley\ProStructures V8i S8\WorkSpace\ProStructures\Localised\Country setting you used\Temp\Metric  

    That sets all dialogs to default position, as thoose files store the dialog positions.

    It´s mostly needed to delete these files when you switch monitors or resolution.

    Or use some extra downloadable Tools, there is a tool include that resets all dialogs to default position.

    Bentley Structural YouTube Channel

    Johannes Michalowsky

    User Success Support - Bentley Systems